Vision and Mission

With 130 locations in 90 countries, the worldwide German Chambers of foreign trade and commerce (AHKs) offer their experience, network and services to German and foreign businesses. AHKs are based in all countries that are of special interest to the German economy.

Since its founding in 1924 and the reopening in 1970, EKONID has become a reliable and competent business partner for German and Indonesian companies. EKONID’s expert knowledge ranges from marked information and new business relations, law and management consulting, trade fair and event management to advertising and promotion. EKONID sees itself as a responsible member of the Indonesian society and is active in countless development projects.

  • Vision
    Our goal is to continuously improve our company, network and service activities. Furthermore, we want to be a respected partner for all business related fields and the German and Indonesian society as a whole, in order to act as an important link for trade and investments to both countries.
  • Mission
    EKONID promotes bilateral economical relations aiming to secure sustainable trade and investment between the two countries.

EKONID fulfills three main tasks:

  1. Support of trade and investment
    EKONID in Indonesia is the central player in the promotion of the foreign trade for the federal republic of Germany. We represent German economic interests in Indonesia.

  2. Organization of members
    The German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has numerous members from well-known companies and people and strives to represent their interests. With more than 400 members, EKONID’s network allows its members to establish contacts and have lively exchanges with interesting business partners. These members give EKONID the authority needed to interact with politicians, businesses, and administrations in terms of promoting bilateral business relations. A membership with EKONID has many advantages that help its members establish their business in the German-Indonesian business field

  3. Service provider for companies
    Under the trademark DEinternational, EKONID provides companies from Germany and Indonesia with services to support their foreign business activities. Our services are aimed at companies with interests in the Indonesian market, as well as local companies looking for reliable partners. We offer quality services in many fields such as; initiating business deals, market studies, corporate services, trade fairs and events as well as design and communication.