Welcome to the Federal Republic of Germany

and welcome to the ideal base for taking on Europe's high-yield markets, with these including the EU's member countries the fastgrowing countries in central and eastern Europe, and, of course, Germany itself, the continent's largest and most profitable market.

WIth an approximate GDP of 2,645,0 million Euro (2012),  the Federal Republik Germany is he world’s third largest economy preceeded only by the United States and Japan. The German market with its 82 Mill. inhabitants is the largest in Europe and generates 26 percent of the total European GDP. Given its central location in Europe, Germany is able to offer investors an ideal location for access to the expanding markets in West, as well as, in Central and Eastern Europe.

Today, the services industry is responsible for 69 percent of the entire economic output, the manufacturing industry (including construction sector) 30 percent. Agricultural and forestry contributes with approximately 1 percent to net domestic product.

Of the 3,2 million commercial enterprises in Germany, more than 99 percent employ less than 500 employees, making up the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) segment. This segment employs around 70 percent of the workforce within the private sector, produces more than 40 percent of output and trains more than 80 percent of apprentices.

The following factors contribute to Germany´s position as the ideal location:

  • above-average productivity and the high-quality label “Made in Germany”
  • high growth potential in key technologies
  • a high potential for innovation and a superb infrastructure
  • a highly motivated and qualified work force

Germany spends more than 61,5 trillion Euro on Research and Development – that accounts for approximately 2,5 percent of the country’s GDP. The industries that are very research-intensive include the pharmaceutical industry, aircraft and spacecraft engineering, electronic and telecommunications, instrument construction and automobile construction. Especially noteworthy here are the well-networked research facilities of the universities as well as of the free economy.