German Business Mission to Indonesia: Decentralized Energy Supply Solutions

04/25/2018 Latest News

From March 20 – 22, EKONID hosted a German business mission to Indonesia for the energy sector. The three-day event program was part of the initiative, “Energy Solutions made in Germany” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and is implemented in cooperation with Berlin-based Renewables Academy (RENAC).

Held at Ayana Midplaza Jakarta Hotel, the event saw over 120 participants, consisting of both local and international companies, who were looking to gain further insights into Germany’s energy supply solutions.

Energy supply is an important issue in Indonesia. The country aimed at building 35GW worth of new electricity generating capacity by next year, a target that is largely believed to be unachievable. In the last few years however, over 1GW of new capacity has come online, with 15GW under construction and 10GW signed for purchase agreements – an admirable achievement of itself.

Thus, Indonesia remains a prospective market for German energy solutions companies, as noted by the speakers at the conference held on the first day of the business mission on March 20. The speakers included Mr. Hendrik Barkeling, Deputy Head of Mission at the Germany Embassy to Indonesia, and Mr. Rida Mulyana, Director General for New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation at the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Also presenting the various opportunities and challenges for renewables in the potential cooperation between the Indonesian public and private sector and German companies were Mr. Bernd Wollwerth, Head of the Division "Solar Energy and Rural Electrification" at RENAC also presented.

Following the conference, EKONID facilitated 44 individual meetings between interested parties. The individual meetings were arranged during and right after the conference, as well as during the two following days when EKONID escorted the delegation to visit the participating local companies.

Overall, the feedback of the event's participants was positive. Rolf Schleicher, Managing Director at Maxxtec GmbH, complimented the selection of companies who presented at the event. He was especially interested in the companies that presented on financing for projects in Indonesia. “I think form that point of view it was a valuable event,” Mr. Schleicher said.

Sandra Winarsa, Project Manager Green Energy at Hivos Southeast Asia, said the attending companies and individuals fit well with the topic of decentralized energy supply solutions. She suggested to allocate more time and space for networking. “Overall it was a good event however. I’ve had many people come and ask me questions and saying how much they appreciate what we were doing, asking to know even more,” she added.