Siemens Indonesia launches intelligent gateway SIMATIC IOT2040 for industrial solutions

03/23/2017 Latest News, Member News

SIMATIC IOT2040 is a reliable and open platform for the collection, conversion and transmission data in the production environment. It is as a gateway between automation and IT level. It is a price attractive device with a compact design that has been tested in Industrial environment and has the proven SIMATIC quality.

The era of Internet of Things (IoT), when all devices and equipment are connected, has shaped not only of how people live but also build thing. In supporting the industry to embrace the digital age, Siemens Indonesia is launching the intelligent gateway for industrial solutions which will increase interconnection and data communication between automation and IT namely SIMATIC IOT2040.

“Through the SIMATIC IoT2040’s, we would like to introduce another innovation by Siemens to support various industry in Indonesia. Today we are facing challenges on how to connect, transfer, monitor, and analyze data in industry. Our innovation will help industry to be more efficient in each production activities,” stated Pascal Dricot, Head of Factory Automation, PT Siemens Indonesia.

The global industry is entering a new era known as the Industry 4.0. This new era features the digitalization of manufacturing, facilitated by technological advancements such as big data analysis, cloud computing, and hyper connectivity among humans and machines. Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange that creates "smart factory". Within the modular structured smart factories, cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes, create a virtual copy of the physical world and make decentralized decisions.

The key advantage of SIMATIC IOT2040 is it serves as a reliable open platform for collecting, processing and transferring data in the production environment. It is ideally suited as gateway between the cloud or the company IT level and production. The role as an interface can be used in both directions. It also transfers analyzed data from the cloud to the production control. This continuous data communication closes the control loop for optimization of production. The openness of the system in supporting numerous communication protocols and programming in high languages enables customized solutions.

A specific example is the preventive maintenance of machines based on early detection of imminent signs of wear based on the evaluation of relevant indicators. SIMATIC IOT2040 collects, saves and communicates relevant data to cloud-based analysis tools and thus enables preventive maintenance concepts – including those for existing plants. This way, costly downtimes of production plants can be effectively minimized.

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