German-Indonesian Business Forum - Energy Efficiency in the Industry


Forum (25 September 2018) / individual B2B meetings (26-27 September 2018)





German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry & Commerce (EKONID)


Energy efficiency solutions for the manufacturing industry


Volatile oil prices and exchange rates as well increasing electricy rates are major drivers for energy efficiency measures in international markets. Energy savings are the cleanest way to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emmissions while at the same time driving up profit margins of companies taking the necessary steps.

Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), EKONID will be organizing a conference to that will highlight the current status of energy efficiency measures taken in Germany and Indonesia and to discuss an outlook for the future development. Experts from Germany will will be presenting their latest technologies and share their experiences in realizing energy efficiency improvements in the German and international manufacturing industries. The industry in Indonesia is expected to reap major benefits from energy efficiency in the years to come due to significant accumulated demands. According to estimations of UNIDO the different Indonesian manufacturing industries posse a double digit energy saving potential that is yet to be utilized.

During the two days following the conference Indonesian companies will have the opportunity to discuss possible projects during individual B2B meetings in their own premises.

Registration will be made available soon. For further questions please contact Mr. Giovanny Tutupoly ( or registration online here

Event information:


Opening and Welcome

Introducing to the German Energy Solutions Initiative, Deputy Head of the Office / Advisor to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)

The Green Industry in Indonesia, Head of Energy and Water Management Department, Ministry of Industry

Policy Framework for Energy Efficiency for the Industry

The Energy Transition in Germany, Renewable Energy (RENAC) AG

Barriers, Drivers and Trends of Energy Efficiency - the energy efficiency index takes the pulse of manufacturing companies in Germany, University of Stuttgart/Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA

Technical Session I

Economical Process Heating and Power Generation For the Industry, Maxxtec GmbH

APROVIS Heat Recovery Systems to Increase your Efficiency, APROVIS Energy System GmbH

Industrial Combustion And High-Temperature Process Heating Systems, CAW GmbH

Power Generation from Waste Heat by means of Durr Cyplan ORC Technology, DURR Cyplan Ltd

Technical Session II

The Green Company System and its Benefits to Business Sustainability, PT Astra International Tbk

Efficiency Improvement and Cost Saving Opportunities for the Processing Industry in Germany, University Kassel - Environmentally Compatible Products und Logistics

How to Reduce Energy Consumption through the Application of Innovative Coating, SICC Coatings GmbH

ESCO in Indonesia, Synergy Efficiency Solutions


Stephan Blocks

Deputy Head of Business Development Department

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