Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry



19th until 23rd of February 2017


Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam




Shipbuilding Industry, Maritime Industry


The Indonesian government has invested heavily in the maritime industry since taking office in 2014, and thus underpins Indonesia’s long-term aspiration to again become one of the most important maritime axes in South East Asia. By 2019, approximately 1,500 ports are expanded and modernized. To realize its ambitious plan to expand Indonesia as a global maritime axis again, President Joko Widodo also needs to revive the shipbuilding industry. Currently, it can cover only 10% of the demand for new ships.

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  • Conference with industry representatives
  • Individually organized meetings with potential business partners


Conference programme
Market Study


01_IPERINDO_Challenges and Opportunities in the Indonesian Shipbuilding and Maritime Sector

02_German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM)_The German Maritime Industry - Competence and Quality Made in Germany

03_C. u W. Keller GmbH & Co. KG_Keller Gearboxes for All Kind of Marine Installations

04_Vulkan Kupplungs- und Getriebebau Bernhard Hackforth GmbH & Co. KG_Why Highly Flexible Coupling

05_Rötelmann GmbH_A Line of Ball Valves and Ideas

06_Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG_STAUFF - Hydraulic Components

07_Ahlers & Vogels Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB_Overloaded Containers - A Matter of the Past

08_Ingenieurbüro Weselmann GmbH & Co. KG_How Accurate and Reliable Ship Valuation Can Add Value to Indonesia's Maritime Sector

09_Hilbig GmbH_Hilbig High Speed Fastening Systems with Stud Welding

10_d-i-davit international-hische GmbH_Tailor-made Davit Systems, Cranes and Life-saving Equipment from Germany

11_German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM)_GeMaX - A Scheme for German Content Based Long Term Ship Financing_A

12_KfW-IPEX Bank_GeMaX - A Scheme for German Content Based Long Term Ship Financing_B

13_Wärtsilä SAM Electronics GmbH_Wärtsila Electric and Automation - Electrical Packages for Indonesian Shipyards

14_Peters + Bey GmbH_Advanced Navigation Light Control and Monitoring System

15_Hybrid Port Energy GmbH & Co. KG (Becker Systems GmbH)_Customized LNG Driven Green Power Solutions in Ports

16_Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries RI_Indonesia Marine and Fisheries Business and Investment Opportunities

17_IPERINDO Surabaya_Present Market and Future Prospect of Indonesia Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries

18_BPPT_Laboratory For Hydrodynamics Technology

19_Pelindo3_Strategic Port Development in East Java

20_EKONID_Profile of the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce


Stephan Blocks

Deputy Head of Business Development Department

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