Mercedes-Benz holds first in-house exhibition in Indonesia

09.08.17 Aktuelles, Mitgliederneuigkeiten

Hands over difable-friendly buses to local public transport companies

On May 6, Mercedes-Benz held its first in-house exhibition in Indonesia, which is coincidentally the first single brand-car expo ever held in the country. Held at the Indonesian Convention and Exhibition Expo (ICE) at BSD City in Tangerang, Banten, the event showcased 52 Mercedes-Benz vehicles of all types, from commercial sedans to low and medium entry buses.

Sugihardjo, Secretary General at the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Indonesia, in his opening speech, said the Indonesian government was highly supportive of carmakers such as Mercedes-Benz, for not only focusing on providing solutions for private and public transport, but also for ensuring that such transportation is safe.

Adopting the theme “One Stop Fleet Solution”, Mercedes-Benz, as the main organizer of the event, not only showcased their product range, but also hosted its busines partners, including13 official dealers of its commercial cars as well as a number of parts suppliers.

Aside from being a showcase of Mercedes-Benz product range, the event also saw the handing over of a buses from Mercedes-Benz to the public transport companies of PT Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta), PT Mayasari Bakti and PO Lorena.

“We thank you, Transjakarta, Mayasari Bakti and PO Lorena, for your trust and loyalty in again choosing Mercedes-Benz buses in order to give your customers the best service that you can offer,” said Ralf Kraemer, Managing Director of Commercial Vehicle Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, during the handing over ceremony.

Budi Kaliwono, Presidert Director of PT Transjakarta, responded by saying that Mercedes-Benz buses were equipped with difable-friendly technology, which suits his company’s goal of providing even more transport options for the difabled.

“We are preparing to supply a more difable friendly armada. Mercedes-Benz buses has a special floor design and a special air-suspension technology that allows the bus to depress, making more accessible for the difabled to take Transjakarta buses from the non-corridor lanes,” he said, adding that as many as 150 Mercedes-Benz buses can be seen driving through the some 12 to 15 Transjakarta routes in the capital city of Jakarta by August 2017.