Regional dispersion of German standard technical education

05.02.18 Aktuelles

Initiating and realizing dual vocational education in Indonesia following German standards is one of EKONID’s main missions in order to promote high quality training and education solutions in the country.    

Having successfully implemented a 3-year dual vocational education course in automotive mechatronics with PT Astra International Tbk and its Manufacturing Polytechnic School in Jakarta in 2015, EKONID started a dual course in industrial mechanics in December 2017 with SMKN 26 in Jakarta and German and Indonesian companies, their offices and training sites being spread over Jakarta and beyond: PT Siemens Indonesia (Jakarta, Cilegon), PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang), PT MAN Diesel & Turbo Indonesia (Jakarta) and PT Barata Indonesia (Jakarta, Surabaya & others).

Driven by the motivation to provide dual vocational education courses following German standard also on Indonesian islands other than Java, EKONID has recently turned its view to Batam. In November 2017 on Batam island, Managing Director Jan Rönnfeld and the Chamber’s Training & Education Department discussed with representatives of PT Infineon Technologies Batam and PT Epcos Indonesia, both running important production sites there, about the potential and the necessary steps towards the realization of a dual mechatronics education. At this occasion, EKONID also exchanged with representatives of Politeknik Negeri Batam and SMKN 1 Batam, being already cooperation partners of Infineon and Epcos, to learn about their curricula and to take a first look at their premises. EKONID plans to set up a dual vocational education course in 2018 with the two companies to support a high quality mechatronics qualification of their staff.