Biomass and Biogas in Indonesia


October 10th until October 14th 2016 (Bioenergy and Biomass Conference on October 11th 2016)


Jakarta, Indonesia


BMWi (The Energy Export Initiative)


Bioenergy and Biomass


Indonesia shows tremendous economic growth and is facing a massive increase in energy consumption. Therefore the Indonesian government aims at enhancing electricity generation capacity and in particular intends to increase the share of renewable energy, Bioenergy and biomass.  

Indonesia plans to double its previous energy generation capacity, whereby the share of oil and gas decreases for the benefit of renewable energies. Altogether, 50 percent of the additional targeted installed capacity is planned to be based on coal, with the remaining share consisting of gas and new and renewable energy with 25 percent each. Bioenergy stands at just 3 percent even though Indonesia has an enormous potential for energy generation using biomass, as this method is based on waste products from plantations and agriculture, which accrue all over the country.

The delegation aims to increase the cooperation between representatives of the German and Indonesian industries, regarding bioenergy and biomass. Therefore, German participants are invited to explore the Indonesian market and get in touch with potential local business partners.


  • Several information sessions about Indonesia as a business location
  • Conference with industry representatives
  • Individually organized meetings with potential business partners


Market Study


01_Eclareon_Renewable Energies in Germany at a Glanze

02_ANNIES Export NZ Ltd. (GIZ Advisor)_Residues to Revenues

03_PT. Perkebunan Nusantara X_Independent Power Production from Sugarcane Waste

04_PlanET Biogas Global GmbH_Outstanding Technology from one of the World's leading Biogas Plants

05_Enspar Biogas GmbH_ Modern Biogas Facility Technology

06_FFE-Solutions GmbH (PT. Global Enviro Technology)_Modern Biogas Plants

07_Fraunhofer Insitute_Biogas Production from Organic Waste

08_Weber Entec GmbH & Co. KG_Ultrasonic Disintegration for Improved Efficiency of Biogas Production

09_Binder GmbH_State of the Art Measurement and Control Systems for Biogas Installations

10_ 2G Energietechnik GmbH_ Biomass Utilization in Indonesia

11_Maxxtec GmbH_Highly Efficient Heat and Power Genertaion from Biogenetic Production Residues and Waste

13_Envitec Biogas AG_Co-Digestion of Solid and Effluent Waste as Optimum Solution for Energy Generation

14_Volker Bromund-PT PRIME Consultancy_Buyer Financing with Export Credit Agency (ECA) coverage – case study




Stephan Blocks

Deputy Head of Business Development Department

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