60 Years Astra: Sharing Inspiration, Building the Nation

12.05.17 Aktuelles, Mitgliederneuigkeiten

A climactic concert was held at the Jakarta Convention Centre in Jakarta from February 24-26, 2017 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of PT Astra International Tbk. Lavished with A-list celebrities and renowned musicians, the celebration marked another successful year of Astra as one of Indonesia’s most prolific and diversified conglomerates.

The concert, which was open freely to the public and featured famous local acts such as Erwin Gutawa Orchestra, Glenn Fredly, Sophia Latjuba, Rafflesia Percussion Bengkulu and many more, was also a parade of luminaries and individuals who have brought fame to Indonesia in various points of the country’s history, such as badminton legend and 8 times All-England champion Rudi Hartono.

At the event, Astra also launched a book with the title “Astra on Becoming Pride of the Nation”, written by Yakub Liman, which contains the company’s various management practices throughout its 60 years of existence.

“For the past 60 years, Astra has gone through various economic situations and social conditions, as well as several changes in leadership. Even so, Astra has stayed true to its core values of ‘Catur Dharma’ [four tasks] and it has remained that way throughout all these years. We will continue to innovate under the basis of those values and hope to be able to continue to grow and keep up with current developments,” said Prijono Sugiarto, President Director of Astra International.

He added that it was Astra’s dream to continue prospering with the nation, further attributing the company’s success to that dream.

Aside from the concert and the book launching, Astra also launched several social programs, such as a massive clean-up of 600 bus stops within 60 cities across the nation. Furthermore, Astra will be conducting a year-long roadshow to promote the company’s name and to share its best practices to the public and aspiring entreprenuer in five major Indonesian cities, namely Yogyakarta (April 28-30), Balikpapan (May 19-21), Surabaya (July 21-23), Medan (September 29-30 up to October 1) and Makassar (November 17-19).

Astra International began as a small trading business that was founded by brothers Tjia Kian Tie and William Soeryadjaya in 1957. Currently, the name is headquarters to some 208 companies that moves in the field of automotive, agro industry, financial services and infrastructure, ampong others, with over 200,000 employees spread across the archipelago.