BMW Celebrates 50.000 Units Assembled in Indonesia

13.05.14 Mitgliederneuigkeiten, Aktuelles

BMW recently celebrated the 50,000-unit production mark for BMW cars assembled in Indonesia under the company PT Gaya Motor. Vehicle number 50,000 which originated in Germany was the latest release of the BMW 528i. The Government, specifically through the Director of Industrial Land Transportation, Ministry of Industry, Soerjono emphasized that Indonesia’s automotive producer should not only be producing and selling cars to the domestic market, but they are also advised to increase exports to other countries.

“Today we are celebrating local assembling BMW in Indonesia 50,000 unit mark. This shows that demand in Indonesia is high, and the response from Indonesian consumers is very positive,” Director BMW Group Asia, Sergio Solero in Jakarta, Wednesday (30/04). Solerao added, that the first BMW that was produced in the country in 1976 was a BMW 520i. With the developments, since 1993, PT Astra International Tbk, through its subsidiary PT Tjahya Sakti Motor and PT Gaya Motor have become local assembly partners in Indonesia. “BMW Group Indonesia has raised its production in Indonesia from 2011 onwards, by making an investment of Rp 100 billion to allow for even more units of BMW cars to be produced in Indonesia,” Sergio said.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Astra International Tbk, Prijono Sugiarto evaluated that 35 years to produce 50,000 BMW units assembled by PT Gaya Motor during the period spanning from 1976 to 2014 is a relatively long time. He is hopeful that the second 50,000 unit mark will not take that long again. “The Gaya Motor production plant consistently meets BMW’s high standards that apply anywhere in the world, both for production and quality assurance,” Prijono added.

BMW currently produces 4 models in Indonesia, namely the latest BMW 5-Series, BMW 3-Series, BMW X3, and BMW X1. Assembly of BMW cars in Indonesia takes place under the production network of PT Gaya Motor.