Bosch introduces AM Hightec Silver AMS to Jakarta

18.10.17 Aktuelles, Mitgliederneuigkeiten

Battery boasts larger capacity and better endurance

Bosch officially launched its AM Hightec Silver AMS Battery in Indonesia on August. Designed for vehicles with Alternator Management System found in most modern cars, which uses many electricial components and hardwares.

“We have seen an increase in trend among modern cars that not only are they equipped with AMS, which requires a a larger capacity battery, but also requires more energy to support the usage of all the electronics equipments of the car. Bosch’s AM Hightec Silver AMS battery recharge much faster compared to your run-of-the-mill car battery. Without enough energy, your car will break down easier, and can cause serious damage to the engine,” said Griselda Iwandi, Marketing Manager at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket.

The most significant benefit of the MF battery is ensuring the safety and comfort of the driver and the passengers. The MF battery is completely sealed and does not require any refilling to stay functional.

“Both of these features contributes in saving your time while giving you that peaceful state-of-mind when it comes to reliability in performance and safety,” Ms. Iwandi added.

The Bosch AM Hightec Silver AMS is equipped with a high-density silver alloy that helps in maximizing conductivity, allowing it to produce more power. It also comes with refined calcium-lead alloy, which makes it more resistant to corrosion as well as high heat, whilst being excellent in dealing with the frequent AMS recharging cycle found in many cars today.

The Bosch AM Hightec Silver AMS boasts high endurance on high power recharging, allowing to produce a much stronger startup, which is ideal for many vehicles in Indonesia, especially its capital city of Jakarta where traffic jams is notoriously frequent, further reducing the risk of a breakdown. This high-capacity battery also allows modern cars to meet the energy demands of the many electrical peripherals, be they for security or entertainment, used more and more often by drivers and passengers today.

“A vehicle is a machine that is made up of many parts. A single faulty part can ruin everything else in that system. This is especially true when it comes to the parts that start the system in the first place, such as your car battery. Modern vehicles now come with sophisticated driving systems and new technologies that require more power. This is one of the reasons why Bosch has shifted its battery lineup from the conventional flooded to maintenance free. And that is in order to give a driving experience that is not just comfortable, but also seamless,” Ms. Iwandi said.