German Desk visits EKONID

25.04.18 Aktuelles

On January 17, 2018, EKONID received Mr. Volker Bromund, representative of the German Desk – Financial Support and Solution (DG-FSS) In Indonesia, which is an initiative of the German Investment and Development Corporation (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft or DEG) to support the financing of various projects in the largest nation in Southeast Asia.

DG-FSS Indonesia, also known as German Desk Indonesia, was launched in October 2017 to provide financing support and solutions to German and Indonesian companies seeking to enhance bilateral business relations. With the support of EKONID’s long-standing presence in Indonesia, as well as local partner Panin Bank, German Desk Indonesia will not only provide suitable financing information for the emerging market, but also bridge economic relations between the two nations.

“For many years, Indonesia has been an important part investment destination of DEG,” said Bruno Wren, chairman of DEG’s Management Board during the launching in October. “Through our joint involvement, we wish to create new business opportunities for German companies and their local trading partners.”

Mr. Bromund’s visit to EKONID was aimed at explaining the various financing aspects the German Desk provides to EKONID staffers, who would take the role of explaining the function of the German Desk to the chambers’ members and partners at any given opportunity. Altogether, the service is expected to boost Indonesian and German cooperation further.