Roto Frank launches Roto-I Aluminum Window and Door system in Indonesia

23.07.18 Aktuelles, Mitgliederneuigkeiten

Roto Frank, the German company that invented the world’s first Tilt-and-Turn window hardware, has launched the ROTO-I Aluminum Window and Door system in Indonesia. The design of the system is based on the market demand in Asia pacific and engineered according to the highest German manufacturing principles while keeping the regional climatic challenges and local application preferences in mind.

“Currently we are working with one fabricator for Roto-I in Jakarta and are presently looking for potential fabricators in other cities as well,” said Mr. Hario H. Haridadi, Country Chief Representative Indonesia for Roto Frank Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd.

According to Mr. Haridadi, Roto is already receiving order with a number of clients to install the ROTO-I Aluminum Window and Door system. He expressed confidence that the product would do well in the Indonesian market.

“Indonesia is a huge market and the demand for housing will increase tremendously in the next 10 years especially outside Jakarta area, so we are confident that our business will grow to provide the best possible solution for the Indonesian market,” he added.

Roto Frank is one of the world’s leading suppliers for window and door hardware. The company sustains 12 production sites in Europe and America and over 30 sales representative offices around the world. Roto Frank Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd was established in Singapore in 2008 to extend its service to South-East Asia, South Asia, East Asia (except China) and Oceania. The Representative office of Roto Frank Asia Pacific in Indonesia was established in 2016 as part of its expansion in the Indonesia market.

Mr Haridadi himself was appointed as Indonesia’s Country Chief Representative of Roto Frank due to his experience working in the property industry. His last position was Country Manager-Indonesia for Merten, a leading german manufacturer of electrical installation material, where he gained strong relationship with Architects, Contractors and developers.

His educational background spans compulsory education in Japan and also at Ernst Kalkuhl Gymnasium in Germany before moving on to obtain his university degree in the United States. He studied Architecture from the University of Texas in San Antonio and receives a Business Administration Degree from Wichita State University, culminating in an MBA in Marketing from the Oklahoma City University.

Mr. Haridadi sees huge potential in the Indonesian market for Roto, citing the number of window and door fabricators in Indonesia that have been using Roto products since 1996 as part of the booming UPVC window market in Indonesia at that time. All over the world, Roto is synonymous with innovative, individual and secure hardware systems that increase the added value of windows and doors for people.

“So starting out as a hardware manufacturer to a system company, we see a huge potential in the Indonesian market especially with the growing demand of high end Aluminum Windows and doors system,” said Mr. Haridadi. “We don’t provide products. We provide solutions. Our solutions combine intelligent security, energy management, and comfort in Buildings, and in so doing create genuine ‘inner values’ for all concerned.”