Siemens Indonesia participates in Egypt's power plant megaproject

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Production of key components for power plant megaproject in Egypt, committed to increasing local content in Indonesia. Siemens continues its support to develop power infrastructures across Indonesia and power plant projects for industry.

PT Siemens Indonesia is now ready to ship some of the main components of steam turbine for the enormous 14.4 gigawatt (GW) power plant project in Egypt after the successful first shipment of a steam turbo set in December 2016 out of Muelheim, Germany. This marks an important milestone for Siemens Indonesia in supporting power plant projects around the world.

“Siemens Indonesia is proud to announce that our Cilegon factory has been given the opportunity to participate in this massive international project. We have been engaged in many international projects and supplied various electricity components accross the five continents,” stated President Director and CEO of PT Siemens Indonesia Josef Winter. “The power plant project in Egypt is a testament to Siemens commitment to providing integrated energy solutions and technologies that include engineering, state-of-the art power plants and power grids”, Winter added.

The Government of Egypt is embarking on a journey to develop the much needed electricity infrastructures and seek technological assistance for the power plant project that will combine gas turbine and steam turbine with total capacity output of 14.4 GW, making it the largest combined-cycle power plant project in the world. The megaproject is built in three separate locations in Upper Egypt: Beni Suef, New Capital and Burullus.

Based on the cooperation agreement between Siemens and the government of Egypt signed in June 2015, Siemens will supply three combined cycle power plants with a capacity of 4.8 GW each. Through its Cilegon factory, Siemens Indonesia will supply 12 low pressure outer casings, 7 blade rings, 16 condenser modules and 4 hot boxes.

Siemens Indonesia has constantly developed its expertise in producing some of the key components of steam turbine for power plant, namely condenser, lower pressure outer casing, lower pressure inner casing, lower pressure stationary blade ring; with the additional portfolio in gas turbine by manufacturing combustion chamber. Using locally sourced high quality steel and with the support from local suppliers, Siemens Indonesia has proven its capability in producing components with significant local content that now stands at 30%. The Cilegon factory is also able to manufacture condenser with more than 30% local content.

“Siemens Cilegon has supported various PLN’s electricity projects. Most recent ones include the Belawan thermal power plant (PLTU) in North Sumatra and the ongoing PLTU construction in Timika, Papua. With vast portfolio in energy solutions, Siemens can be a reliable partner in driving the infrastructure development program and also supporting Indonesian industry,” said Christof Cichon, General Manager PT Siemens Indonesia Cilegon factory.

Ever since the Cilegon factory was established as the local manufacturing center in 1989, Siemens Indonesia has spent around €30 million investment for its production in Indonesia and is ready to allocate another €3 million for acquiring machinery and adding new production facility in the upcoming years. The company has also established collaboration in steam turbine component manufacturing with Indonesian heavy industry companies to enlarge production base and explore the possibility of increasing local content. In this regard, the biggest challenge is to increase local content in meeting international standard on quality while at the same time maintain competitiveness among other global manufacturers.

For Indonesia, that is currently also grappling with an ambitious goal to generate additional 35,000 MW of electricity by 2019, Siemens Indonesia has recently manufactured small-sized industrial steam turbine designed to deliver power output in the range of 5-12 MW. This steam turbine series has been selected for PLN’s power plants project in remote areas in eastern part of Indonesia. The Cilegon factory is also producing round condenser that feature smaller footprint, but can deliver as much output as other bigger conventional condensers. This type of condenser has been shipped to PT Semen Tonasa’s factory in Sulawesi and Attero B.V. project in The Netherlands since its distinctive design is suitable to be used in industrial thermal power plant such as garment, oil & gas, sugar factory, etc.

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