Siemens offers digital twin for greater efficiency and flexibility in manufacturing

25.04.18 Aktuelles, Mitgliederneuigkeiten

The software can accurately represent a product, production process or performance of a product or production system in an operation.

At the 28th International Manufacturing, Machinery, Equipment, Materials and Services Exhibition held at JIExpo Kemayoran on December 6-9, 2017, Siemens presented the digital twin solution to help industries to virtually design, simulate, validate, and optimize a physical product, production process, or production performance. The digital thread connects information from the digital twin of the product, production process, and production performance to help industries deliver the best products to the market faster.

Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Product & Retail, and Automotive are the mature industries in Indonesia that are ready to embrace the digital twin concepts. The digital twin of the product, production process, and production performance enable flexible manufacturing, reduce time to market and cost, improve quality, and increase productivity through all levels of a business organization. Siemens is also driving forward the expansion of its cloud-based, open IoT operating system MindSphere with the addition of new partnerships, interfaces, and apps.

Customers in the industry traditionally are performing corrective action from the result of past data analysis. But there is a new trend toward predictive action using digital twin to simulate and optimize the process,” said Fransiskus Nugroho, Channel Sales Director PLM Software of PT Siemens Indonesia.

Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Indonesia showed that although the manufacturing sector outside of oil and gas contributed only 18% of Indonesian GDP in 2017, it is the biggest source of economic growth. The Manufacturing industry in the third quarter of 2017 registered 5.49 percent of growth above 5.06 percent of growth for overall GDP, led by Metal which grew 10.6 percent, Food and Beverages at 9.46 percent, Machinery and Equipment at 6.35 percent, and Automotive at 5.63 percent. Siemens believes the digital twin concepts can help manufacturing industries to produce components more efficiently and at the same time increase production quality as well as quantity. Thus, the digital twin concept can become the enabler for Indonesian industry to regain its status as the main driver of economy.

During the exhibition, Siemens also showcases its Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal - the perfect gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise and help companies on the path toward Industry 4.0. TIA Portal is more than an engineering framework from digital planning and integrated engineering to transparent operation and fully integrated device that provides customers with unrestricted access to our complete range of digitalized automation services. In short, it would help the customers to integrate all the systems needed in a manufacturing plant.