Siemens provides compact and effective solution to electrify remote areas

02.02.18 Aktuelles, Mitgliederneuigkeiten

The first locally manufactured steam turbine with around 30% local content

PT Siemens Indonesia is supplying the compact steam turbine SST-140 to PT Rekadaya Elektrika to help Indonesia’s state power utility PLN meets demands for power generation in remote areas. The steam turbine can generate up to 7 MW power output that will be enough to electrify more than 4,500 households and suitable for remote areas with easy access to energy resources such as coal and natural gas. "I am proud of this achievement milestone made by our Indonesian people. It is the first locally manufactured and assembled steam turbine in Indonesia, made from local raw materials and components. We hope to continue and to further increase cooperation to support National Capacity Building in Indonesia," said Harjono, President Director of PT Rekadaya Elektrika.

Siemens' local talents and global expertise has spent tremendous efforts to build it, supported by global Siemens Network and six main local partners supplying essential components and materials. Siemens has invested over € 200,000 alone to provide training to our local manufacturing engineers. Qualification support of local vendors was another important effort to make this local content project successfully.

"Local content currently is around 30%, this will not be an easy endeavor as high precision machinery for turbine manufacturing and support component for turbine here is still limited. But we are committed to develop local capacity and expertise in steam turbine technology," said Christof Cichon, General Manager of PT Siemens Indonesia - Cilegon factory.

Many developing countries are facing the challenge of having the ability to produce enough power from existing resources while building distribution infrastructure. In the meantime, while expanding its electricity infrastructure to power the whole country, Indonesia faces not only a challenging landscape that could restrict the effectiveness of existing centralized power generation system when trying to reach isolated distant place, but also the challenge of providing locally-generated electrical components. "Without locally-generated electrical components, industrial players will still face an increase in operational cost. It is this situation that needs more attention from the government to support the development of industrial sector in Indonesia, said Silmy Karim, President Director of PT Barata Indonesia (Persero).

Siemens, as a global powerhouse in electrical engineering, provides the right solutions for Indonesian market. "As electricity demand continues, it is important to keep the cost of building electricity system down. If expanding existing electrical infrastructure to reach remote areas is deemed too costly, then it is time to consider adopting distributed power generation system by locating smaller power plant closer to the consumers," said said Christof Cichon, General Manager of PT Siemens Indonesia - Cilegon factory.

Siemens has been recognized as the leader in electricity sector with vast experience and portfolios in developing big power plants to support centralized power system. But, today we are witnessing the increasing demands for small flexible power plants to cater the needs of remote areas.