Siemens takes part in ISCF 2017, offers mobility solutions

29.05.17 Aktuelles, Mitgliederneuigkeiten

Taking part in the Indonesia Smart City Forum (ISCF) 2017, held in Makassar on May 22-23, Siemens Indonesia offers integrated mobility solutions to help Indonesian cities reduce economic costs and drive economic growth. Siemens is taking part in this two-day summit attended by 400 city leaders across Indonesia where the Government is launching its initiative called the “Movement towards 100 Smart Cities in Indonesia”.

Along with the high population growth, the need for mass transportation for residents in megapolitan cities is a major requirement. Sufficient and adequate mass transportations are expected to alleviate traffic congestion due to the large number of citizens using private vehicles. One of the mass transportations that can address this need is rail-based transportation namely mass rapid transit (MRT).

“Speed, reliability, and convenience are the decisive factors for ensuring that urban communities are willing to use mass transportation facilities. The key to meeting these criteria is optimum line utilization through railway automation. As a leading provider of reliable technology, Siemens is offering solution in rail-based transportation with automatic train control systems, signaling, as well as interlockings,” stated Helman Trisakti, Head of Mobility Division of PT Siemens Indonesia.

Efficient transport can attract economic activity to cities, and boost productivity by improving connectivity and reducing time lost to travel. Better transport can also improve quality of life. Making a city more attractive to live in helps provide business opportunities and fuels economic growth. “We can learn from Singapore on how they develop integrated mass transportation in order to make urban area more connected, integrated, and livable”, Helman added.

For the traffic management system, it is very important to break down congestion in urban areas. Siemens offer solutions to operate its virtual traffic control system that can monitor current traffic flow or obtain information regarding occupancy of parking garages. If needed, the control system can also manage traffic by setting the light signals or dynamic street signs accordingly.

With integrated urban arrangement through rail-based public transportation and traffic management system, Siemens strongly believes that in the future Indonesia will have some of its cities become the world’s most livable cities.