The 48th EKONID Annual Members Meeting

03.07.18 Aktuelles

The year 2017 proved to be another busy period for EKONID with some 175 successful events held and dozens of high-profile projects either completed or set into motion for the forthcoming year. The details of these events and projects were disseminated during EKONID’s 48th Annual Members Meeting (AMM) on May 22, 2018. It is also available in the EKONID Annual Report 2017 publication available for free for all members of EKONID.

Opened by Mr. Prijono Sugiarto, Chairman of EKONID Board of the Management and CEO of PT Astra International Tbk., the meeting proceeded smoothly despite the absence of Mr. Martin Feullner, Vice Chairman of EKONID Board of the Management and Director of PT Merck Tbk., and Mr. Kunardy Lie, Treasurer at the EKONID Board of Management and CEO of Deutsche Bank AG.

Both could not make it due to scheduling conflicts, though they were deeply involved in the organizing of the event. Mr. Jan Rönnfeld, Managing Director of EKONID, graciously stepped in to report on the financial position of EKONID as of the end of 2017, which remains healthy.

The main highlights of EKONID’s 48th AMM this year was the launch of the website for the Information and Certification Center for Qualification (ICCQ). Conducted by Ms. Ute Brockmann, Deputy Managing Director and Head of the Training and Education Department at EKONID, Ms. Brockmann gave an overview of the website and how the ICCQ program as a whole could serve to improve the quality of Indonesia’s human resources.

Another highlight is the preparations towards the 16th Asia Pacific Conference or APK 2018. To be held this November in Jakarta, the event is expected to gather over 1,000 participants, including government officials, high-ranking CEOs and country managers from across the Asia-Pacific region to discuss about the most important topics facing the world today such as Digitalization and world trade. Ms. Eugenia Nurnberg, project leader for APK 2018, disseminated the corresponding information to the members on all the preparation that is being made in anticipating this mega-event.

Get Together

The 48th AMM concluded with EKONID’s signature Get Together event, which is held every month in different venues in Jakarta. Ayana Midplaza Jakarta played a double role as host to both the AMM and the monthly Get Together, which in this month was celebrated with solemn spirituality in paying respects to the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan.