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Seven Golfers to represent Indonesia in Mercedes Trophy Asian Final 2018

As many seven Indonesian golfers will be representing Indonesia at the Mercedes Trophy Asian Final 2018. The performance of these golfers at the... mehr


Industrial Edge from Siemens adds benefits from the cloud at the field level

Siemens Industrial Edge closes the gap between local and cloud computing and facilitates high-frequency data exchange at the field level. mehr


Mercedes-Benz debuts EQ Brand in Indonesia

Mercedes-Benz, the number one producer of premium vehicles in the world and in Indonesia, is starting the year in a positive note. In the... mehr


EKONID debuts ICCQ Seminars

The planning and organization of appropriate further qualification courses for employees can be a challenge for companies. Not only must Heads of... mehr


Newsletter: Law & Taxes June 2018 Edition published now!

EKONID’s Newsletter Law & Taxes informs about legal and tax issues in Indonesia. Concise yet insightful articles by selected partners... mehr


EKONID supports Waste Management in Tasikmalaya

In cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), EKONID has continued implementing... mehr


The 48th EKONID Annual Members Meeting

The year 2017 proved to be another busy period for EKONID with some 175 successful events held and dozens of high-profile projects either completed... mehr

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