Export Initiative "Civil Security Technologies and Services" - Focus on Building and IT Security

Date1 – 5 September 2019
PlaceJakarta and Surabaya
ObjectiveBusiness trip with business forum and one-to-one discussions with potential business partners
PartnerBDSW – Bundesverband der Sicherheitswirtschaft
BHE – Bundesverband Sicherheitstechnik e.V.
TeleTrust – IT Security Association Germany
econAN international GmbH
IndustryBusinesses, self-employed from the commercial sector as well as subject-related liberal professions and business-related service providers from the industry sectors of civil security technology and services, building security and IT security
BackgroundThe continuing construction boom in Indonesia's urban centers leads to an expansion of available office space numbering more than 500,000 square meters per year. This strongly increases the demand for building and security technology. Due to the lack of local actors in the market, these technologies continue to be imported from abroad on a large scale.

High investments in the Indonesian infrastructure through projects such as the first subway system (MRT) and the first elevated railway (LRT) further stimulates the demand for civil video surveillance technology. Electronic systems such as Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) are expected to improve traffic safety in Jakarta and will be more prominent in the future as well. The market potential in the area of infrastructure is estimated at approximately USD 200 million.

Indonesia has experienced an internet revolution in recent years. Meanwhile, more than 100 million people regularly use the Internet and a further user growth of 10% per year is forecasted. However, this online and technology boom has also caused increased cyberattacks. The potential for the application of IT security technologies is therefore offered in particular in the areas of internet banking, fintech and electronic commerce.
Market InformationMarket Study: Zivile Sicherheitstechnik und Katastrophenschutz 2017

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Jakarta (Monday, 2 September 2019)

Surabaya (Thursday, 5 September 2019)
PresentationThe Latest development of System Technology in the context of civil security in Indonesia - Rudi Lumanto, Head of Division BSSN

Current State and future trends of the Indonesian Civil Security System Sector - Darwin Lestari, AISKINDO

Introduction to the German civil security technology industry - Sabrina Lopp, Senior Advisor, Econan International GmbH

Multi Sensor Video Cameras and Face Recognition for Public Infrastructure facilities - Carsten Gladen, Managing Director, Gladen Engineering GmbH

IT Network Security and personal data protection solutions - Christoph Schambach, Sales Manager, Secunet Security Networks AG

IT Solutions as an Instrument for Law Enforcement - Anna Wojtas, VP Global Business Development, Rola Security Solutions GmbH

Experts on Encryption Certified, Safe and Durable, Norbert Wallner, Sales Manager Area, CV Cryptovision GmbH

Security Detector to Prevent and Mitigate CBRNE Threats - Wolf Muenchmeyer, CEO, AIRSENSE Analytics GmbH

Blast-Protection Solutions for essential Infrastructure - Pawel Doberschuetz - Managing Director, Mueller Safe GmbH

The Utilization of Siren Systems for Human and Nature based Disasters - Najeeb Aali, Marketing and Project Manager, Hoermann GmbH

Certification of Fire Protection and Safety System for the Best Security Measure to your Building - Lothar Sysk, Chief Representative, Vds Schadenverheutung GmbH

Active Fire Prevention through Oxygen Reduction - Bernhard Beckers, Vice President of Business Solution Asia, Wagner Group GmbH

Financing Solutions for Equipment from Europe - Volker Bromund, Representative DEG German Desk Indonesia

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