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Are you in need of the right distribution partner to export your product, but you don't have the contacts or the capacity to find them directly in Indonesia?


Are you looking for the right distribution partner to export your product, but you don't have the contacts or the capacity to find them directly in Indonesia? Are you aware of the requirements you need to fulfill in exporting your products to Indonesia? Are you familiar with what the Indonesian market expects from your products and what the best business strategies to enter the market are? Together with AHK Indonesia’s market know-how and long-standing experience, we will assist you in planning the next steps to strengthen your export journey to Indonesia.

Meetings with local potential clients are the first entry points for starting a new business in Indonesia. As the German Chamber in Indonesia we recognize that the time diferrence, language and different business culture can be a major challenge in finding a desired business partner. Through the business partner search service with AHK Indonesia, we can help you identifying relevant local companies, initiate contact and arrange meetings that are suitable for you and your prospective business partners. By utilizing our extensive network, we can help you speed up the process of finding the right business partners that align with your company’s criteria, vision and mission.

Process of business partner search

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Step 1

Identify the potential business partners

  • Research and identification of potential business partners based on client’s criteria 
  • Creation of a database containing potential partners 
  • Contact Initiation to verify the contact details

Result: Excel-database consisting of relevant contact information with data about the company’s name, address, website, contact person, position, email, telephone and short company profile.

Step 2

Approach the potential business partners and arrange meetings in Indonesia

  • Contact with selected companies regarding their interest as business partners (telephone acquisition & mailing)
  • Conduction of phone interviews and information gathering regarding market situation
  • Promotion on the respective German products / services to interested local companies
  • Arrangement of 2-day business appointments with Indonesian local companies
  • Provision of meeting schedules for our client
  • Accompaniment to the business meetings by bilingual / multilingual project staff
  • Development of meeting reports

Step 3

Follow-up supports

  • Follow-up emails / phone calls after the meetings
  • Procurement of information related to sector regulation

Other Related Services

Company Investigations

To verify the reliability and existence of the local companies / potential business partner, we offer German companies the company investigation service.

The verification details include following information about the potential partner:

  • Date of establishment
  • Production capacity
  • Legal form
  • Capitalization
  • Name of shareholders
  • Background of the company
  • Financial status

Adress Search

Should you need the general information of companies, associations or industry specific contact information in Indonesia, we can provide you with a database consisting of a company’s name, address, website, email and telephone number

*This service does not include contact verification or AHK Indonesia’s support in contacting local companies

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