Business-Pool Concept

The EKONID company pool concept offers German companies 20% of one of EKONID local staff’s work hours to support their market development. Your company profits from the direct integration into our office and the short distances to our specialists in regards to, but not limited to, market analysis, distributor / client contacts and related sector regulations.

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Included services / activities 


Dedicated AHK Indonesia staff for your company
Market research related to your business field
Supported activity in contacting major market players / potential customers / partners / authorities / institutions
Business partner search
Arrangement of individual meetings
Screening of local companies
Organization of travel arrangements for company visits
Participation in trade-fair exhibitions in Indonesia
Follow up activities with prospects/ clients

Additional services 

Free usage of meeting rooms when travelling to Indonesia
Utilization of further EKONID services: design / publication department*

* In adequate extent

Your advantages

  • Intensive business partner search in Indonesia for 12 months
  • Direct access to our long-term market experience
  • AHK contact in the target market, who is familiar with your products, services and marketing objectives
  • Access to AHK Indonesia’s extensive network of government and business contacts
  • Direct support of marketing activities in Indonesia
  • Time and resource efficient solution

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