Company Presentation Event

You want to promote your company's products / technologies in Indonesia through public presentations, but don't know where to start? We can help you organize events and create special event programs for your company!

Through direct interaction with local players participating at your company's presentation event, you will get more in-depth information about local market reactions to your products while expanding your business network in related industries. In addition to getting comprehensive knowledge about the function and technology of your products, participants also have the opportunity to hold business meetings directly with your company at the hotel where your company's presentation program takes place. To make the event more interesting for Indonesian companies and so discussions between market participants can occur intensely, we can also help your company in finding specific local speakers within the related sector.

The company presentation can be held for half a day or even for one day in the hotel conference room which can be adjusted to your budget.


In general the program can consist of the following sessions:
1. Opening - Introduction of general market situations by selected associations / institutions (challenges & future trends)
2. Presentation of your company's products
3. Case study by your company
4. Questions and answers
5. A networking session / B2B meeting
EKONID assistance included in the service:
✔ Identify 30-50 target participants who will be invited to technical seminars
✔ Create the event program together with your company
✔ Create an online registration form
✔ Send invitations via mailing lists including distribution of your company brochure and event program
✔ Publish the event in EKONID bulletins, website and social media
✔ Reselect the registered participants based on their purpose joining the event
✔ Directly coordinate with the hotel staff before and during the event
✔ Distribute your promotion material to the participants
✔ Provide logistical support and translation services
✔ Conduct follow-up activities to gather more information regarding local company interest in cooperation
✔ Organize business meetings with local companies
Why you should partner up with us:
Network and experience
Established since 1970, EKONID has created important contacts in many sector. By frequently holding events such as delegations and B2B meetings, we know who is the right target group in related sectors to be present at your company's events. By utilizing our support, our client can save essential time in collecting business contacts.

Our team consists of highly qualified people with an intercultural background. Many in our teams have the ability not only to speak Indonesian and English, but also to speak German. By having a sense of professionalism and respect for diverse cultures, we can easily adapt to the two different business cultures apparent in Indonesia and Germany.

Professional support
We accompany our clients personally during the event and are afterwards ready to assist them in answering all upcoming business related questions in Indonesia.