Individual Market Study

Looking for in-depth market information and regulations related to your product market in Indonesia?


Before entering the Indonesian market, it might be necessary to gain a deeper understanding of how the local industry works and who the major local players are by gathering up-to-date information regarding the competitive situation, possible price ranges and future development of the targeted industry.

Due to limited availability of data in foreign languages like German or English, the analyzation of the Indonesian market might be challenging for companies located outside the country of Indonesia. To accelerate the process of preparing your company's business plan for Indonesia, the AHK Indonesia provides individual market study services for German companies. Through the results of our desk research, personal interviews with experts or authorities and site visits to local companies, we can provide reliable information based on the current Indonesian market situation to German companies.


Characteristics of the market study
Main focus in the market study:
  1. Market overview and sector specific information
  2. Market potential
  3. Competitors and their technologies
  4. Market entry strategies
  5. Important contact details of companies, government institution and associations
  6. Relevant exhibition lists

  • Length of the market study: 20-40 pages
  • Language: English
  • Processing time: 8-12 weeks