Training & Education

Indonesians rapid economic grow demands well educated work force with established technical knowledge and practical know-how.

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Therefore, advanced vocational training is since long not an option anymore, but a firm integral part of company's philosophy. For EKONID, it is another way to support our members. To meet the specific yet unique requirements of companies and branches, EKONID tailors each of its training courses to its members' needs. EKONID looks for competent and reliable partners in the local education market and guarantees high quality by offering two procedures:

  • Either EKONID is involved in the conception, execution and post-processing of the training programs so that it can vouch for the high quality of the training
  • Alternatively, the goals of advanced training are determined directly with the training providers. In this case EKONID designs its own certificate-level tests for quality control which is to be taken after the training