EKONID introduces Marketing Desk Indonesia

Marketing Desk Indonesia takes care of most initial legal, administrative, and logistical requirements in helping you establish a local presence and in determining the best market approach for your product.

Indonesia is a country with high economic potential. Its population of 260 million – the majority of which are young, middle-class, and productive individuals – as well as its abundance of natural resources, has been a part of the success stories of many European companies over the better part of the last century.

However, entering the Indonesian market can be daunting prospect. It is no secret that Indonesia has many barriers of entry for foreign entities looking to set up shop in the archipelago. These barriers include the obligation to have local partner, a minimum paid up capital of at least Rp 2.5 billion (or around US$175,000), as well as various other requirements that differs depending on the entity’s business sector.

This is where EKONID’s Marketing Desk Indonesia comes in handy. EKONID’s Marketing Desk Indonesia provides European companies a local project manager with a ready-to-use office, business support services and an extensive network of Indonesian market players.

Aside from being a pool of potential customers and business partners, EKONID also conduct market studies for various sectors, the report of which are at your disposal. Furthermore, EKONID dozens of events every year in order to facilitate our members with their foray into the Indonesian market.

Main benefits
One of the main advantages in joining up with Marketing Desk Indonesia is the cost-to-benefit ratio. As mentioned earlier, Indonesian law require foreign companies to have a minimum paid up capital of at least Rp 2.5 billion. Joining with Marketing Indonesia circumvent this requirement completely, with companies able to freely spend their money as they see fit in terms of establishing their market presence in Indonesia.

Aside from the benefit-to-cost ratio, here are some other advantages of Marketing Desk Indonesia:

  1. Recruitment
    EKONID recruits a local Marketing Manager Indonesia according to your criteria. We hire them and we take on all the responsibilities connected to the guidance of the employee in respect to local labour laws.

  2. Working space
    EKONID provides your employee a workplace within our office, located at a strategic location in Jakarta, with the necessary office inventory and supplies.

  3. Payroll service
    EKONID provides payroll processing for your employee that includes monthly payroll, tax and mandatory insurance calculations, as well as a payroll summary and a detailed payslip each month.

  4. Business and legal consultation supports
    EKONID provides business and legal consultation support for your employee for any export-import related questions, including market entry services such as business partner search, address research, individual market study, event organization, and many more.

  5. Access to network of European and Indonesian companies
    You and your employee will also gain access to EKONID’s extensive network of local and European companies, associations and government institutions.

In short, the Marketing Desk Indonesia concept allows companies to quickly react to market responses to their offered products and to be present in Indonesia without the time-intensive procedures of establishing their own company or representative office.

For more information on Marketing Desk Indonesia, click here (https://indonesien.ahk.de/en/services/Marketing Desk Indonesia/) or contact Ms. Olivia Nathalie Noor at Olivia.Noor@ekonid.id.