EKONID presents ICCQ platform for business trainings

The training of employees for the purpose of building their capacity and to further advance a company’s goals can be a challenge for the Human Resource Department often tasked with organizing these trainings. Not only must HR executives be able to find the appropriate professional training providers for specific topics, they must also be able to correctly identify the root problems for the training need and properly communicate these problems to the training providers.

On September 29, 2017 at Hotel Pullman Jakarta Indonesia, EKONID presented its new brand “ICCQ - Information and Certification Center for Qualification” as well as the concept of the ICCQ platform for business trainings incl. the ICCQ Trainer Pool to training providers and Heads of HR Departments of EKONID member and non-member companies of different sectors.

EKONID Managing Director Jan Rönnfeld welcomed the participants and outlined the intention and initiative of the Chamber to connect the companies’ demand for tailor-made trainings to offers of qualified training providers. Inviting companies and trainers to share their individual ideas on the ICCQ platform with EKONID, Ms. Ute Brockmann, Deputy Managing Director and Head of EKONID’s Training and Education Department, informed about the current preparation of an annual ICCQ Training Calender containing business-related training offers on soft skills and technical knowledge. EKONID intends to publish the calender on a new separate ICCQ website incl. a booking tool for registration for the trainings. Only training providers quality-approved by EKONID for membership in the ICCQ Trainer Pool will be entitled to promote their training offers on the ICCQ Training Calender.

EKONID invited four experts to the event’s panel composed of Mrs. Ester Tjiungwanara, Head of HR at PT. Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, Mr. Ignasius Sebayang, Head of HR at Heidelberg Indonesia, Ms. Cynthia Wihardja, General Manager of ActionCOACH South Jakarta and Mr. Nicolas Llovet, Senior Trainer of KPI Consultancy. The experts shared their views and experiences amongst others on HR development principles, the Indonesian training market as well as challenges for companies in analyzing training needs, selecting the appropriate trainer and following up on the trainings’ outcomes.

The audience actively participated in the lively discussion on solutions for the further qualification of company staff. The panelists and the other participants expressed their high appreciation for the initiative of EKONID to provide a platform of business trainings based on the concrete thematic demand of companies.

At the end of the event, Mr. Llovet complimented the good balance in the number of training providers on the one hand and trade and manufacturing companies on the other hand EKONID gathered for the event. “It resulted in some very interesting conversation and a really interesting panel... I think everyone got something out of this discussion, both the trainers and the users,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Tjiungwana expressed her hope of seeing ICCQ grow as a platform. “This is a very good platform. I’m hoping very much that it’ll expand even more because, as a user, it’s always good for me to have even more information on the various trainings that are available out there. The same goes for training providers so they can find even more companies who are looking for those trainings that they provide,” she said.