New Manpower Decree on Foreign Worker Positions List

Prior to the issuance of the Decree of the Minister of Manpower Number 228 of 2019 (“MoM Decree 228/2019”) concerning the Foreign Worker Positions List, the Government has listened and more importantly accepted the recommendations for the matters of concern of the interested institutions and organizations. The institutions and organizations, amongst others the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (EKONID) along with AmCham Indonesia, BritCham Indonesia, Eurocham, ICCC, IBAI, Jakarta Japan Club, Jetro, KoCham and the US-ASEAN Business Council, had been asked to contribute their view on the regulation draft.

  • The main highlights of the MoM Decree 228/2019 are as follows:
  • This MoM Decree has merged the Foreign Workers Positions List of all Industry Sectors, all separated lists have been revoked.
  • Foreign Workers may serve as Commissioners or Directors which are not in charge of human resources matters.
  • The Minister or appointed officials may grant permission for additional Foreign Workers Positions that are not listed.
  • The Foreign Workers List shall be evaluated at least every 2 (two) years or as deemed necessary.
  • Upon the effective enforcement of this MoM Decree, all existing Foreign Workers Utilization Plans (RPTKA) and Foreign Workers Employment Permits (IMTA Notification) shall remain valid until their expiration date.

The Indonesian Government issued this regulation to attract more foreign investment by facilitating foreign investors to be able to employ their foreign experts in various positions.

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