GDVET program with MAN Energy Solutions Indonesia in Industrial Mechanics

Since 2017, MAN Energy Solutions Indonesia has joined our German Dual Vocational and Education Training (GDVET) for Industrial Mechanics. Look at what our Board of Management member as well as the President Director of MAN Energy Solutions Indonesia, Mr. Götz Kassing, has to say regarding the program in our exclusive interview.

Q: What is your personal opinion on the German Dual Vocational Education and Training concept as an educational program for students at the beginning of their career?

A: This combination of practical experience, on-the-job training and theoretical teaching, in my opinion, offers a much better understanding for the challenges and required competencies within a company. I therefore trust that graduates of this program have a head-start on their colleagues from other programs and that they will demonstrate higher maturity with respect to hands-on competencies, problem solving and quality delivery.

Q: What is MANs expectation in the participation of the German Dual Vocational Education & Training (GDVET) Program in Industrial Mechanics, certified by EKONID?

A: Dual Vocational Education & Training is a major corner stone of our education system in Germany. And the graduates of these programs are major contributors to our economic growth in Germany. I consider it therefore natural that we in MAN, as a German company, support EKONID in the promotion of this success model also in Indonesia. And of course we are interested to hire the graduates of this program, certified by EKONID!

Q: According to your personal expectation and compared to the Indonesian Education Program what will be the practical working fields that the apprentices of the GDVET Program will more comprehensively qualify for?

A: I expect this to be a clear case of “Theory versus Practice”. I am sure that Indonesian Education Programs provide high quality theoretical knowledge, but it is very often a completely different thing to know something versus converting this theoretical knowledge into productive high quality action. What I especially saw in Germany is that this combination of practical and theoretical “dual” education fosters employees who can think, who take responsibility, and who take the right action to deliver best quality work at all stages of the production process. And these kind of competent and independently thinking personalities are employees that German companies are looking for.