Hansa-Meyer launches new rep. Office in Jakarta

Hansa-Meyer Global (HMG), one of Germany’s leading freight-forwarding companies, has recently formalized the opening of its representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia. The entity is expected to strengthen HMG’s presence in Southeast Asia by capturing the various opportunities available in the region’s largest economy.

According to HMG Managing Director Henrique Wohltmann, the Indonesian market has enormous growth potential for logistics architects. Indonesia is the fourth-largest country in the world at around 2 million sqkm, the world’s largest archipelago with 17,000 islands, and an east-to-west extension of more than 5,100km. The country’s five main islands of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua is currenty experiencing steady growth in infrastructure after a period of economic crisis that occured in the 90s.

"The challenges of the respective large-scale infrastructure projects are of great importance to the energy, cement, steel and construction industries and offer immense opportunities for Hansa Meyer Global. Above all, we can support and further develop local projects with our global network,” said Mr. Wohltmann.

Mr. Wohltmann further noted Indonesia’s promising economic climate, citing high imports and substantial foreign investments, duly in part to the country’s stable currency, as determining factors in the company’s decision to enter the market. The significant increase in exports by 17% in 2017 alone is another feature of the Indonesian economy, he added.

"Our company in Indonesia can provide local transportation services and custom transportation architecture through its own onshore locations and business partners. Our more than thirty-year presence on-site is a significant added value for our customers, as is HMG's own network. Our country-specific, extensive expertise is a valuable aid for the large projects in Indonesia," he concluded.

Officially opened on January 1, the formal launch of HMG representative office in Jakarta was held on March 18, at its location in Plaza Timor in Jl. Timor 2, Central Jakarta. The new representative entity, PT Hansa Meyer Global Indonesia (HMGI), is the result of a joint venture with long-term partner PT Sarana Penida.

Ian Dafy Fachry, the Managing Director of HMGI, reiterated the nearly 38-year relationship between the two companies.

“At last we established a Joint Venture, based on those trusting, good, long cooperation and fruitful years. I believe with the presence of HMGI in Indonesia with its local network and Hansa Meyer network throughout most major cities in the world, it will surely give an advantage and benefit to HMGI in becoming one of the major players in freight forwarding in Indonesia,” he said.