Permanent presence in the market in combination with a powerful local partner is a necessity

An interview with Nils Warburg, Representative Office Southeast Asia, Aprovis Energy Systems GmbH.

Founded in 2000, Aprovis has pursued a strategy of continuous development to meet its business goals. With export business accounting for more than 50% of its turnover, a major part of its success as a sole provider in the combined heat and power (CHP) market is the company’s ability to incorporate the knowledge acquired from a wide range of markets into its business. This includes having a reliable partner in foreign markets such as Indonesia, as Mr. Nils Warburg, Representative Office Southeast Asia of Aprovis Energy Systems GmbH can attest.

1. When did Aprovis first entered Indonesia and what was the experience like? Was it as you expected?
We have been active in Indonesia since 2013 and it took some effort to find matching business partners. Quickly we realized that it is not feasible to do business in Indonesia without local partners with whom we can get help in accessing the market. However, in the region of Jakarta, we experienced professionally organized companies with business partners fluent in English.

2. How specifically has EKONID market entry services helped you penetrate the Indonesian market? Which services would you most likely recommend?
The individual partner search helped us to identify our sales and service partner in Indonesia, with which we have successfully been in cooperation with for nearly 3 years. Additionally, we participated in several conferences organized by EKONID, which can be a good opportunity for making contact with decision makers of potential business partners. We appreciate the enthusiasm of the EKONID staff during these events and in helping us enter the Indonesian market.

3. What have been the main challenges you face during doing your business in Indonesia and how have you handled it? Do you have any tips you can share with other German companies looking to enter the market?
We needed to come up with a more long-term mindset regarding project development timelines. Also, the technical requirements of our customers in Indonesia differ to those in Europe. It is necessary to adapt market approach and products accordingly.

4. What are the most promising business opportunities/ventures can you envision for the next five years in Indonesia?
Indonesia is a huge country with a fast growing industry and hunger for proper energy supply also in the renewable sector. As expert for combined heat and power we supply equipment for high efficient energy solutions to support the local industry with savings in the energy bill and to meet carbon emission reduction targets.

5. What is Aprovis’ current short or long-term strategy in growing your market share in Indonesia?
We launched the representative office for South East Asia in Indonesia beginning of this year from which we can develop new projects while also giving full support to all the project owners running Aprovis equipment already. For the long-term strategy, we see it as mandatory to be permanently present in the market in combination with a powerful local partner to combine the local strength with the full support from our German headquarter.