Siemens Indonesia to supply monitoring and control system for company’s first Southeast Asian solar project.

Siemens’ innovative solutions also available to support Indonesia’s energy market with low-carbon energy solutions. Technology serves benchmark for upcoming photovoltaic power plant projects in Indonesia.

Indonesia, with its ample resources of wind, solar, biomass, hydro and geothermal energy, has an aggresive goal to increase of renewable energy mix to 23% by 2025 and then up to 31% by 2050. The goal is part of Indonesia’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change signed in 2016.

Recognizing the opportunity that Indonesia’s energy market presents, Siemens Indonesia offers technology and expertise to grow the Indonesian market for clean energy solutions while at the same time supporting the Indonesian government’s effort to meet its national emissions target.

Cutting carbon emissions while meeting the growing energy needs of an expanding national population require innovative, pioneering solutions. In this regard, the Energy Management Division – Digital Grid of PT Siemens Indonesia introduces SICAM Microgrid Control and SICAM Microgrid PV Control Sstem. The solar photovoltaic system monitors and controls the power supply in independent distribution grids and thus provices cost-efficient and reliable energy management. It offers flexible communication, seamless continuity, maximum security, and unlimited migration, thus securing the optimal use of the generation systems.

Gerald Quaas, Head of Digital Energy Management division, PT Siemens Indonesia states, “Siemens has been a reliable partner in providing a modern and innovative solutions and technology. Today we are supporting Vietnam’s energy transformation by supplying a monitoring and control system and service to the country’s largest solar farm. This represents a strong commitment and capability of Siemens Indonesia to deliver quality products and solutions across the region and also something the local employees can really be proud of.”

The solution has been tried and proven in the important tasks of grid monitoring and control, such as that in Vietnam’s largest solar farm located in the southern Vietnamese province of Ninh Tuan. The project will take shape by mid-2019 and deliver up to 425 Gigawatt hours (GWh) per year – enough to supply approximately 200,000 households with electricity while saving around 250,000 tons of CO2. The farm is the first solar project for Siemens in Southeast Asia where the company will supply inverters, power and distribution transformers, gas insulated medium-voltage switchgear, circuit-breakers, and a monitoring and control system.

As part of the order, Siemens Indonesia will supply a monitoring and control system for this project, which consist of SICAM Micro Grid PV Control System and SCADA. The equipment for this project will be sourced from Siemens manufacturing facility in Pulomas, Jakarta, and will be shipped to the project site in the first quarter of 2019 with the installation and commissioning to be completed mid of 2019.