BASF Kids Lab 2018

More than 1,000 children attended the BASF Kids’ Lab event held in Kuningan City, Jakarta, from November 9-11. Held annually since 1997, the event has been an important platform for BASF in introducing chemistry to children via simple and safe experiments.

“The purpose of BASF Kids’ Lab is to allow our kids to know about chemistry at an early age. We want to share with our kids the passion that BASF has for science and chemistry, and we want to do it with them in a fun way,” said Daniel Loh, President Director of BASF Indonesia said at a BASF Kids’ Lab pre-event gathering in Jakarta.

The BASF Kids Lab is a free interactive chemistry education program for kids aged 6-12. In this year’s BASF Kids’ Lab, the company took on the theme “Water Loves Chemistry”, and parents can expect their children to tinker with several water-based experiments such as water purification, water storage and water research.

“Chemistry is not just found in laboratories or factories. It is all around us. It’s in our clothes and the things we use everyday, such as cleaning detergents and toothpaste. The theme this year, ‘Water Loves Chemistry’, is taken to show that water is one of the most important resources for society,” Mr. Loh added.

The simple experiments, such as water purification, form the basis to many technologies that can significantly impact the lives of societies. “Take the water purification experiment, in which children can for themselves see how ‘dirty water’ are cleaned off impurities to create usable water,” Mr. Loh said.

The BASF Kids Lab itself was first held at BASF’s headquarters in Germany in 1997. It has since been held in 30 countries all around the world. In Asia Pacific, More than 300,000 children in more than 17 countries have experienced the BASF Kids’ Lab since the event was first introduced in the region in 2002. In Indonesia, BASF Kids’ Lab was first held in 2005 and as many 7,000 children have taken part in the event throughout the years.

“We’ve received plenty of enthusiastic feedback from the kids during past Kids’ Lab events. We are very happy to be able to bring this event back this year,” said Mr. Loh.