IFAT India (October 16 – 18, 2024)
16.10.2024 · 08:00
19.10.2024 · 18:15

IFAT India (October 16 – 18, 2024) | Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai 


IFAT India is a leading trade fair for environmental technologies and sustainable solutions in India. It brings together professionals from various sectors such as water, sewage, waste, and recycling to showcase their innovative products and services. The event provides a platform for knowledge exchange, business networking, and collaboration between industry players, policymakers, and environmental experts. The fair features exhibitors from across the globe, highlighting their latest technologies and solutions to address environmental challenges faced by the region. 


IFAT India also includes a comprehensive conference program, where industry experts share their insights and experiences on current environmental issues and trends.  The event provides an opportunity to network with key industry stakeholders, innovators, and business partners around the world. Addressing sewage systems, adequate waste-water treatment, sustainable ways for water supply, holistic solid waste management and recycling, amongst others, - IFAT India showcases solutions to resolve the environmental concerns of the hour. 


IFAT India translates the passion of India’s game changers and leading environmentalists to bring holistic sustainable solutions for environmental issues towards making a cleaner, greener and more sustainable country. 


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