Business Delegation Indonesia – for German companies in the field of food processing and packaging machinery
Event Start
07/10/2024 · 08:00
Event End
10/10/2024 · 08:00
GMT +7

Business Delegation Indonesia – for German companies in the field of food processing and packaging machinery  | 7-10 October 2024 | Jakarta and Surabaya



Indonesia, an emerging market, has witnessed consistent economic growth in recent years, driven by a rapidly expanding population and increasing prosperity. Key sectors such as food, healthcare, and cosmetics are gaining prominence, with the government actively pursuing industrialization initiatives like "Making Indonesia 4.0." Notably, the packaging machinery market has experienced robust growth, expanding by 27.5% between 2018 and 2022, with machinery imports valued at $59.5 million in 2022 under HS Code 8422. Projections suggest significant potential in the Indonesian cosmetics and healthcare industries, with the cosmetics market expected to reach $10.9 billion and the healthcare sector $4.56 billion by 2028. In 2022, the food and pharmaceutical sectors ranked among the top six in terms of investment. German manufacturers stand to benefit from this growth, particularly in the processing and packaging machinery sector, with German imports to Indonesia nearing $60 million. Future demand for German machinery in Indonesia is anticipated to rise due to their reputation for longer lifespans and superior quality assurance, especially in critical sectors like food and medicine. 


  • Market exploration: Understand Indonesia's food processing and packaging industry trends, consumer preferences, and regulations. 
  • Business network: Connect with local businesses, officials, and experts for potential collaborations. 
  • Product Showcase: Present German innovations to Indonesian audience, boosting visibility. 
  • Identification of business opportunity: Identify potential areas for expansion within the food processing and packaging sector 
  • Strategic partnerships: Seek strategic alliances for mutual growth with Indonesian counterparts.