EKONID offers you a complete package designed to make the presentation of your products professional and hassle free.

Trade Fairs Services in Indonesia

Detailed information on trade fairs in Indonesia

Detailed information on trade fairs in Indonesia We compile detailed selected information on fairs and sector analysis. You will receive details regarding exhibited products, venue, stand rent, tickets and so on.


Registration Our experienced Trade Fair team will take care of the logistics of your exhibit or your visit at a chosen fair. We also liaise with to the TFO in Germany to ensure a smooth and hassle free event tailored to your specific needs.

Stand construction

Stand construction We believe that stand construction is an important element to successful exhibits. As such, we only contract with experienced stand designers who will construct your stand following your precise instruction.

Match making

Match making Our excellent established network provides you with contact details to potential business partners, associations and governmental institutions prior to a trade fair to enable you to invite your preferred candidates to your stand. Further, EKONID arranges seminars, workshops, business meetings and press conferences.

Logistics and custom clearance

Logistics and custom clearance EKONID partners with DB Schenker which is a well-known and highly reputable international logistics company. DB Schenker has been in Indonesia for more than thirty-five years and is experienced in Indonesian custom clearance. DB Schenker guarantees that all your products are at the fair ground on-time.

Travel arrangements

Travel arrangements Everything you need regarding travel and hotel reservation can be settled with EKONID in advance of the trade fair. We work together with selected and reliable travel agents and hotels. Therefore, we can arrange a distinct offer which is well coordinated and also advantageous in price.

Support on site in Indonesia

Support on site in Indonesia Our experienced team supports exhibitors on the fair ground, organizes means of transport, interpreter, hostesses and catering with potential business partners.