Business Partner Search

Are you looking for the right distributor to export your products, but don't have the contacts or capacity to find them directly in Indonesia?

Are you familiar with the requirements you have to comply with in order to export your products to Indonesia? Do you know how the local market will respond towards your products and what are the best business strategies to enter the Indonesian market? Together with AHK Indonesia's many years of market know-how and experience, we can help you plan the next steps to strengthen your business expansion into Indonesia.

Service Package Options:

  • 1 - Identify the potential business partners
  • 2 – Screening process
  • 3 – Virtual meeting
  • 4 – Factory visit by AHK Indonesien staff
  • 5 – Client visit to Indonesia and follow-up support

1 - Identify the potential business partners

  • Research and identification of potential business partners based on client’s criteria
  • Creation of potential partner database
  • Contact Initiation to verify the contact details

Outcome: Excel database with relevant contact information including company name, address, website, contact person, position, personalized email, phone and short company profile.

2 – Screening process

  • Conducting interviews with selected companies pre-defined by client
  • Gathering information about the local market situation, import/export experience and interest as a distributor/supplier
  • Preparing a short interview report

Outcome: interview results, company profile/brochure/presentation, current total sales and sales channel information, English proficiency on a scale of 1 to 5.

3 – Virtual meeting

  • Setting up appointments with the client and selected companies 
  • Setting up the meeting platform 
  • Virtual briefing session with selected local companies, organized by AHK Indonesien 
  • Interpreting service during the meeting 
  • Joint virtual meeting 
  • Providing meeting reports 

4 – Factory visit by AHK Indonesien staff

  • Survey to the main offices of selected companies on which client intends to cooperate with* 
  • Preparation of the survey reports (text, photos/videos) 
  • Discussion of the survey results with the client 

* Transport costs within the agreed area are  already included 

5 – Client visit to Indonesia and follow-up support

  • Arranging customer visits to Indonesian company offices/factories 
  • Preparation of visit programs and travel plans 
  • Travel management (booking and administration of transport, hotel, general travel coordination) 

On-site supports: 

  • Accompaniment by bilingual project staff to attend business meetings in Indonesia 
  • Interpreting service 
  • Management of travel expenses and reimbursement report 
  • Providing visit report & documentation 
  • One month follow-up support 

Other Related Services

Company Investigations

To verify the reliability and existence of local companies / potential business partners, we offer 

we offer German companies the company investigation service.

The verification details include following information: 

  • Date of establishment 
  • Production capacity 
  • Legal form 
  • Capitalization 
  • Name of shareholders 
  • Background of the company 
  • Financial status 

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