Market Studies

On behalf of the BMWi market development programs, EKONID publishes multiple market studies throughout the year. Each of these covers a specific sector in Indonesia.


Training and education (DE)



Production technology and components for medical technology (DE)

Construction Machinery and Building Material Plants (DE)

Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry (DE)

Energy Efficiency in the Industry (DE)



Decentralized Energy Supply through Hybrid Systems with PV and Small Wind (DE)


Medical Technology and Laboratory Equipment (DE)


Textile machinery (DE)


Waste management and recycling (DE)


Training, education, and learning equipment (DE)


Energy production from urban and agricultural waste (DE)



Energy efficiency in the industry (DE)

Business Initiation in Indonesia and Singapore: Products for Children and Families from Consumer Goods and Leisure Industries with Consideration of E-Commerce Theme (DE)


Decentralized energy supply with the focus in hybrid systems with small wind and PV (DE)

Civil security technologies and services with a focus on building and IT security (DE)

Water and waste management (DE)



Energy efficiency in the industry (DE)

Shipbuilding and maritime industry (DE)

Biomass Utilization: Sustainable Energy from Agricultural and Food Industry Residues (DE)

Cosmetics and Cleaning Products (DE)


Business potential for the energetic use of geothermal energy