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The Founding of EKONID

The first German-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce is established in Batavia but is closed during WWII.


The first Step

The bilateral German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (EKONID) is founded by six German and Indonesian businessmen to promote business between the two countries.


EKONID’s Official Start

EKONID is officially accepted by the Indonesian government as the bilateral German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


Information is the Key

EKONID publishes its first issue of "Rundbrief". The monthly newsletter informs EKONID members of economic and legal matters in Indonesia and Germany. With its detailed content, it soon becomes a highly valued source of information for Indonesia´s growing business community. In addition to "Rundbrief", in 1990, EKONID begins publishing the quarterly, Indonesian language chamber magazine SOROTAN, with detailed reports on business, law and society.


Rapid Growth

EKONID moves to the modern premises of Wisma Metromolipotan, one of Jakarta´s first high-rise buildings, due to the increasing number of employees, members and challenges. In 1994, after extensive construction work, EKONID finally moves to its new building, which was formerly the East German Chamber.


The Chamber´s Events

Under the name Indogerma, the 13th German Industrial Fair takes place in Jakarta, the first fair held in a Southeast Asian country. Then in 1999, the German Industrial Fair takes place in Jakarta for a second time where, under the name Technogerma, it once again introduces the newest high tech innovations. Being well connected is one of the key factors for successful business and from then on EKONID organizes Business Luncheons and Get Togethers for its members.


Famous Faces at EKONID

On November 13, Angela Merkel, the former Minister of Environment and Nuclear Safety and today’s Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany visits EKONID.

Also in 2000, Joschka Fischer, former German Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, attends an EKONID Business Luncheon, the topic of which is democracy and human rights in Indonesia.

In 2002, Helmut Kohl, former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, visits EKONID together with a business delegation of members of the German Parliament. In February 2002, Johannes Rau, the late President of the Federal Republic of Germany, visits EKONID, appealing to the Indonesian government to fight against famine in Indonesia.


Social Commitment

EKONID Peduli is a social project, started by the chamber. With the aid of almost 40 donators EKONID rebuilds the almost totally destroyed school in Balaraja, Tangerang. In response to the catastrophic tsunami, EKONID founds INDOGERM-direct in 2005. INDOGERM successfully implemented 30 projects to help the victims in Aceh and Nias. In March 2010, EKONID inaugurated the Clean Batik Initiative (CBI), a project initiated by the European Commission, which aims to improve the environmental sustainability of both the supply and the demand side of batik. The project is planned for four years, and is fully organized by EKONID.


New Strategic Business Fields

In this year the, German Indonesian Symposium on Renewable Energies, organized by EKONID, is held for the first time. It is an excellent occasion to view German technologies, meet German and Indonesian experts and to introduce Indonesia´s business opportunities in the sector.


New Trademark DEInternational

As a part of the German Chamber Network with 120 locations in 80 countries, EKONID now provides its services under the service brand DEinternational.


EKONID´s 40th Anniversary

The chamber is now looking back on its 40 years of business networking in Indonesia. More than 250 German companies have generated a total investment of around US$ 40 billion in Indonesia over the past 40 years, trading goods worth in excess of US$ 5 billion each year. In the same year, EKONID is also involved in the establishment of a joint AHK-ASEAN office in Frankfurt together with five members of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Network (AHK) in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – signifying an increase in the number of possible partnerships between Indonesia and ASEAN.