Market Entry

The Indonesian market offers vast potential for growth with a young and dynamic population, abundant natural resources and a stable democracy, however, new entrants face a range of challenges.

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With EKONID, you have a strong and established partner at your side that will help you turn these challenges into opportunities.

Market Information

Sector introduction

Do you want to get a quick overview of markets for your products in Indonesia?

In cooperation with our partner German Trade & Invest (GTAI) we can provide you with first-hand information on the key industries of the Indonesian economy.


Individual market studies

Do you not only want a general overview, but detailed information that answers your specific questions about the current market?

Your company can benefit from our close connection to the Indonesian economy and its markets. We conduct individual sector studies according to your company’s specific profile. Together we will define a framework of questions aimed at extracting information of high importance to your company. We then answer these questions drawing on our company contacts.

Next to current macroeconomic data, interviews with actors from related companies and/or government officials often are a great source of information.

We would be happy to give you a quote based on your individual requirements.

Business Partner Search

Why should you choose EKONID to assist you with market entry and development?

We have a strong and direct presence in Indonesia, which means:

  • We are close to your customers and business partners and can offer better and more personalized services
  • We have a deep understanding of the local culture, markets and language, which means you avoid potential misunderstandings
  • We can communicate more efficiently with your customers and business partners by compensating for the significant time difference between Germany and Indonesia


These are just some of the benefits of having EKONID complete your business partner search. However, a good address alone doesn’t always lead to successful transactions and long-term partnerships.

Based on your preferences, we contact Indonesian companies in their native language and introduce your company. For the identification of potential partners, we rely on our extensive company database and our far-reaching network.

We then forward your company information and interest to the most promising companies. Additionally, we contact these companies by phone to further introduce your company and explain the potential cooperation in more detail.

Upon consultation with you, we organize and coordinate your meetings with interested companies. We guarantee high quality meetings with companies that already know the nature of the potential cooperation. We accompany you to the meetings and if necessary assist with communication.

For further information, please contact us.